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Try out our BigBlueButton hosting service by clicking HostBBB Demo Meeting Server. Get a dedicated personal server with SSH access and optional development build starting at $75 month, or try a shared BBB instance for just $40 month. For more information Download our Pricing and Services Guide Use with your existing Moodle, Wordpress, Joomla, TikiWIki CMS system. Our hosting services are month to month, no contracts ever. To order service Order Service Now. We have data centers in US,UK,Asia,Australia and South America. We also can provide optional direct telephone numbers and skype access along with development environments and support for your projects.

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  • Hello Everyone, I am new in BigBlueButton Development.I want to edit the whiteboard functionality for adding multiple whiteboard using tabs so that user can navigate to any of the added whiteboard tab.Please, guide me if  it is possible and give me the way to proceed.
  • Hi, We're been working to release 0.9.0-dev for the past few months.  We want to thank everyone who has given us feedback on testing -- especially over the past few weeks. Most of the core development has finished.  And, with the good help of others, we've fixed many issues that would have been ea
  • Dear All BigBlueButton Developer, I'm newbie developer to BBB client development. I would like to ask all of you some question related to bandwidth measurement. I want to get bandwidth usage per meeting after the meeting ended. I saw one button name "Network Monitor" at the footer of the meeting aft
  • is it possible to install bigbluebutton 0.91 with this link reference ? luebutton/wiki/090InstallationU buntu#Installing_BigBlueButton_ 0.9.0-dev but in this package i can see "XXX" luebutton/wiki/090InstallationU buntu#2._Install_key_for_BigB
  • Just reported this two problems at bbb's issue tracker: luebutton/issues/detail?id=1792 It affects the audio when using Flash. It would be great if someone else could try to reproduce it (there are videos at the issue link). Thx!
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  • Hi Dash, Hang tight -- we'll be updating the documentation in the next few weeks.   Our focus right now is finishing 0.9.0 and getting it to a final release.  There's been a lot of architectural changes to BigBlueButton to support the HTML5 client.  We want to finish 0.9.0 to provide a solid based o
  • Hi Fred,I have been thinking of getting started in parallel for the HTML5 dev. Is there any detailed documentation of the client side architecture that currently exists i.e. flash plugin? I already seen the bbb architecture overview. But would like to understand how the client specifically works in
  • @Chad. Thanks for the reply and Sorry for my late response. My Problem got Solved !  I just deleted flex- directory and followed your instructions.It works for me. May be there was a permmission problem. Now when i load my bigbluebutton client it loads successfully but it displays a messa
  • I think, a CMS integrated with BBB should deal with uniqueness of usernames, using UserID, login, e-mail or other methods of user identification. And, also, the CMS needs to have a full control over the BBB join process to simply avoid joins not allowed but its (and/or real web project's) rules. Now
  • It's not ready yet for others to try out -- we're working on it!  Look for more updates this fall.  Regards,... Fred On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 10:57 AM, Jefferson Andrade wrote: Hi guys, first of all, thanks for accepting me on the group Is there any way to build/test the html5 a


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Multiple Data Centers: US,UK,ASIA,Australia,South America

HostBBB is committed to providing affordable hosting and applications consulting to the small entrepreneur and applications developer. Since Jan, 2010 we have worked with 100's of clients in the development of open source and custom distance learning and social video conferencing solutions.

If you are looking for help to get your system to production this is the right place for hosting and small systems consulting. We provide wholesale services to savvy developers so you can be assured your customer's project is a success.

Integrate BigBlueButton into your project
Here is an example with openx advertising rotating banners, youtube video and webpage sharing across participants for a social networking site.
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or the lead developers web site if you are a large educational institution.

Distance Learning Solutions Made Easy
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HostBBB provides wholesale hosting and applications consulting to application developers and small entreprenuers.

We host your favorite LMS/CMS and Bigbluebutton!

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  • FREE COURSE - Learn how to deploy open-source production Learning Managment Systems.

    Since 2/2010 we have helped over 200 customers deploy BBB into their Educational and Small Business solutions.

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Picture of Stephen Dame
by Stephen Dame - Sunday, 1 September 2013, 03:41 PM
HostBBB products and services for BigBlueButton are not endorsed or certified by BigBlueButton Inc.

BigBlueButton and the BigBlueButton Logo are trademarks of BigBlueButton Inc.

HostBBB offers free support in the following Google Groups, as do a number of the core development team.

BigBlueButton-Dev - customization adding features
BigBlueButton-Setup - Installation/Setup
BigBluebutton-Users - General usage questions. is your definitive site for all project related documentation.

Open Source Video Conferencing - Share Presentations and Desktop


We provide small businesses and developers access to CMS based Distance Learning Tools and Video Conferences at affordable prices...

Shared access .81 $40 month ($25 setup) - Dedicated Server from $75 month ($100 setup)

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  1. Maine Corporation since 2005. More info at
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  3. We have customers in 340 Maine cities.
  4. Focus on affordable solutions for consumers and small businesses.

About HOSTBBB.COM BigBlueButton Hosting and Conference Number services.

  1. We want to see BigBlueButton succeed as a project.
  2. Have Data Centers in US, UK, South America and Asia.
  3. Provide Dedicated BigBlueButton Servers with full SSH access.
  4. Provide optional Toll-Free and US/Canada local conference numbers.
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We are commited to the BigBlueButton Project, and provide affordable solutions and free google technical support to help accelerate the development of new features.

For more information call 1-888-229-9756 and ask to talk to Stephen about BigBlueButton Hosting, or email

$250 BigBlueButton Hosting Copyright 2010-2013, 207 Technology Group

For more information on BigBlueButton visit

To find out more about BlueBlueButton and whats happening in this exciting open source distance learning project check out the links section of this page....

HostBBB Provides Dedicated BigBlueButton Hosting and Conference Number services to developers, educational consultants, educators, and small businesses to assist them in meeting their clients or students needs....

For more info call 1-888-229-9756 or email Stephen at

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  • BigBlueButton does not have the ability to upload audio/video for synchronous playback.  It's tracked as an issue (enhancement) for a future release gbluebutton/issues/detail?id=21 8 To understand how we (the core developers) prioritize issues for each release, see  ht
  • I want to play some audio files during the meeting. But I could't upload mp3 files. How do I do it? Thanks.
  • Thanks for your reply. So there's curently a mouse cursor record file generated beside the video record? Or it's a possibility that'll be worked on? Em sexta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2014 19h04min51s UTC-3, Bruno Linhares escreveu:Hi, I've just upgraded my bbb installation to 0.81 (after 0.81-rc4)
  • In the current version of BigBlueButton, the mouse cursor movements on the desktop are not recorded as part of the recording.  For the playback, they would need to be overplayed on the desktop sharing video.   We've opened an issue to track this gbluebutton/issues/deta
  • Hi, I've just upgraded my bbb installation to 0.81 (after 0.81-rc4). I've intended to see whether the mouse cursor is now being captured and recorded, but it seems it's not yet. Am I right? My recorded meetings plays the desktop sharing but no mouse cursor appears. Could it be a configuration par

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